Purchased ceiling fan and had it installed, not more than a few weeks or a few months smelled something burning. Then the fan no longer worked.

Light still worked. Found out after buying a new fan,.a Hunter, that the Harbor Breeze unit was fried inside. The capacitor. Not sure who to contact,.seems the company numbers to call for service go to Lowes.

Any suggestions?? Not happy with Harbor Breeze My suggestion is for people to stay away from Harbor Breeze. I do still have one in my kitchen that is probably made with US made parts, not the cheap CHINESE ***.

That one is close to 25 years old I think.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Based on the photo posted this is a Litex Industries fan and based on the finish, this is a Shelby Model # E-LKD52AB5CL with a Lowes SKU#294974. When calling Litex, Ask for a capacitor for this unit. These things are very low quality these days and will burst within a year of ownership.


after i posted this morning i called this litex co.i got a young guy who from the jump was a arrogant person for lack of a better word.he told me that i have,because the number i gave him was an inside fan,so i guess i'll take blame for that,however this little snotty desk jockey when i asked him if he was an engineer,he came back with are you?i'm not and i told him so,i'm not done with him,customer service people should be :( :( happy to help people this clown should not be in that position,anyway i suggest people do not buy harbor breeze fans from the litex corp.because they are dangerous junk and may hurt someone due to engineering design


:sigh bought a house near chesapeake bay in md.its a duplex one day i go there and look over at my neighbors second story porch and see a hole in plastic ceiling cover i ask him what happened,he tells me wind spun the blades around,apparently the screw on paddles came loose flopping them and they flew up thru ceiling,i went upstairs of my house,got a screw driver tightened the screws on every paddle,i thought i was safe,past weekend i look out on porch and i find broken paddle piece on the chairs,i look further to find that two blades not broken are loose and bent,if my family had been there what could have happened i dont want to think about,apparently the chinese engineers could not afford to put on lock washers for their corporate masters in the u.s.i'm calling company this morning to see what excuse they have for this garbage product.

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